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Welcome to Kisholoy Children's Hospital

Kisholoy Children’s Hospital is the only institution in Burdwan dedicated exclusively to the care of children, because children are not just "miniature adults" , But individuals with special medical needs.

To meet their needs, Kisholoy Children’s Hospital offers more pediatric and Obstetrics and Maternity medical treatments than any other hospital in the region with the best of medical facilities and the best of pediatric physicians and surgeons a perfect combination of man and machine.

Medical education and practice work at it's best when practiced together when it comes to the health of children these should be no compromise. In an attempt to serve child health, Dr. Asraful Mirza the man behind the mission, for his vast experience and reputation in this field of leading professional pediatricians has formed the Kisholoy Children’s Hospital for critically ill children and give the patients the childhood they deserve.

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