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The radiology and imaging services at Kisholoy Children’s Hospital are unique and specially designed for children. Located at the same level as the emergency room, across the corridor, the purpose was to ease emergency X Rays, CT Scans and Ultrasound for critically injured, sick children after stabilization in the Emergency Room, prior to transferring to the Intensive Care Units.

Here our children’s radiologists ( X Ray Doctors ) perform simple X rays on children, as well as ‘Contrast X Ray Studies’ These are special studies wherein a radioopaque dye is administered into the mouth or other body cavities / orifices which shows up on the X ray as white against black. Valuable information is gained by the performance of these contrast studies to define organ system abnormalities as well as defects. Clues to the underlying disease process are gathered and the treating children’s doctor / children’s specialist doctor is guided better in managing their patients.

Simple Xrays are done on a computerized machine ( digital radiography ) wherein, the images are captured not on conventional film, but on an electronic cassette. The image is then enhanced and improved upon using special software on the computer to get the best possible printout and X Ray. This is a special feature of the Radiology Service at Kisholoy Children’s Hospital. The X ray image can be stored on a CD / DVD for storage and records and retrieved whenever necessary.

We are one of the very few exclusive children’s hospitals to possess Digital Radiology equipment.

The Computerized Tomography ( CT Scan ) Suite at Kisholoy Children’s Hospital resembles an igloo with motifs of penguins and sleds on the walls. Instantly you are surrounded by a very cool blue color, soothing and relaxing to the eye. CT Scans are usually performed mostly on the head and neck ( brain in particular ) to obtain information regarding injuries, birth defects and other abnormalities in children. Other parts of the body scanned are the sinuses and nose, chest, abdomen, limbs, etc. Sometimes, sedation ( medicines to make your child sleep, or alleviate anxiety ) is required to get children to cooperate for the test. In others, anesthesia through intravenous medicines, or even regular anesthesia may be required in special situations.

Our children’s radiologists sometimes perform ‘CT Scan Guided Procedures’. These are special procedures wherein under the guidance and images of the part being examined in the CT Scan, certain medical procedures are performed, to remove fluid or take samples for testing from body cavities ( example : the chest, etc ), or perform biopsies ( removal of a piece of tissue from an internal organ, such as the liver, or kidney for special examination and staining ). These procedures require proper prior appointment, arrangement and planning.

The other very common procedure performed by our children’s radiologists are ultrasound scans. These are not painful and by using high frequency sound waves, the children’s radiologist obtains information on various body parts, such as the abdomen, chest, brain ( in babies ) ,etc.

The Specialized Radiology Equipment at LCH includes :

High Speed Computed Tomography ( CT Scan )
Digital X Ray equipment / Digital Computerized Radiology Ultrasound equipment
Digital Fluoroscopy with Television Image Intensifier ( to perform Contrast Studies )
We are very careful about radiation exposure to children and try and minimize risk of exposure and perform tests only when really
necessary to obtain the required information. We follow strictly all guidelines laid down by regulating authorities and monitor staff regularly.

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