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Any surgical operation in a newborn baby or child is not a simple one. Meticulous planning, selection of the patient, and execution is necessary for success. In contrast to adult surgery on the heart, brain, kidney, bone / joint or any other surgical operation, children and newborns are blessed with amazing healing powers, reserve to withstand the operation and recover fully ! Children do not have the comorbidies as adults. A co-morbidity is a medical disease or condition which has been pre-existing in the patient for sometime and impacts on both the surgery itself and postoperative recovery ( Example : coronary artery disease, diabetes mellitus, renal diseases, liver diseases, etc ).

At Kisholoy Children’s Hospital, we have an excellent team of senior, highly qualified and experienced newborn and children’s surgeons who work together to operate on the entire gamut of surgical operations in the newborn baby or child. In fact, there is hardly any operation in the newborn or child, that we cannot perform at our hospital!

Preoperative Medical Checkup and Assessment Protocol :

Every child or newborn who requires either an urgent or planned surgical operation at our hospital goes through a rigorous checklist so that nothing is left to chance ! Firstly, the child is evaluated by a consultant pediatrician ( medical children’s specialist ) to assess suitability and risk for surgery. Following this, our children’s anaesthesiologist does his evaluation to look at risks for anesthesia, and decides upon the optimal and right mode of delivery of anesthesia for the child. Finally, the child is taken up for surgery by prior clearances from any insurer, etc.

Postoperative Care of the Newborn and Child who has undergone surgery

Every newborn baby or child who has undergone surgery in our hospital is carefully managed in the respective Intensive Care Unit till full recovery. Our newborn specialists ( neonatologists ) and children’s intensive care specialists ( pediatric intensivists ) receive the child in their Intensive Care Unit from the Operating Room. The information from the operating room ( type of anesthesia, type of exact operation performed, drugs and any fluids or blood products used intraoperatively ) is directly passed on by the senior children’s anesthesia specialist to the ICU doctors. From this point onwards, our experienced specialists and nurses look after the child till safe enough to transfer the child to the room / ward.

Throughout the child’s stay in the Intensive Care Unit, special attention is paid to minimizing post operative pain and discomfort by the appropriate use of pain medicines.

Services Offered :

• Surgery on the Newborn and Child for Brain Defects, Spine Defects
• Surgery on the Newborn and Child for Kidney defects, Kidney disorders and Urinary
• Surgery on the Newborn and Child for liver diseases, liver masses, gastrointestinal defects ( both inborn birth defects, as well as acquired disorders ).
• Surgery on the Newborn and Child for Lung diseases, lung masses, cysts, thoracic tumours,
• Surgery on the Newborn and Child for Bone and Joint diseases, including infections, pus collections, tumours and birth
• Surgery on Children for burns, removal of damaged burnt skin, application of ‘ collagen dressings ‘ to enhance
• Surgery for trauma ( injuries, cuts, lacerations, etc ) involving special techniques for wound approximation such as ‘application of surgical glue’,
‘surgical stapling’ or suturing to minimize scar

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