Children´s Medical/Health Services

Welcome to Kisholoy Children's Hospital

Our team of Consultant Pediatricians are highly qualified with well experienced in excellent and renowned teaching medical colleges and hospitals across India. Some of them have acquired additional expertise and training abroad in various disciplines of Child care.

General Paediatrics deals with common ailments in children that the vast majority of children are affected with during their growing years. ( Example : Fever, colds, coughs, loose motions, vomiting, urinary infections, etc).

Our General Paediatrics Consultants will advise you of the proper diagnosis, and guide you with regards to treatment, any testing or investigations required as well as refer your child/ children to speciality or ancillary child care specialists as and when necessary.

We will provide assistance and guidance with routine child care: vaccinations or immunizations, growth monitoring, nutritional monitoring and guidance, dental preventive care and preventive health screening programmes.

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